Redspiration: the right contrast

Our publication’s editor, Tania Braukamper, recently ventured off to her hair stylist in order to live up to 2011’s hair trend adage of ‘just change it‘. Her blonde locks were to become red ones. Things didn’t quite go as planned and the strong red that Tania wanted, the kind you see captured in this street style snap, came out closer to strawberry blonde. A trip back to the salon ought to fix that and when it does black will clearly be a colour of strength for Tania as it is for all red heads.

Red hair, you see, remains something of a rarity in a sea of blondes and brunettes. It thus demands contrasting with colours that really make it pop; blacks, blues and greens.

Cut with a fringe and worn with all black and a pair of aviators, as it is above, red hair takes on another life of its own. It needn’t even have a hint of the punk to it for that hint is easily drowned out by the dominance of the hair. And after so many years of derision, now that it finally is a hair colour trend, that’s precisely what red hair needs to do.

This particular street style look was snapped in Paris by The Sartorialist.

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