Model For Us

Who: Everyone is invited! We are looking for both men and women from all different backgrounds.

What: We are always looking for new faces to showcase our work. Alex Emilio Salon is continually participating in photo shoots, editorial work, fashion shows, charity events, hands-on training, and new talent education.

Where: At Alex Emilio Salon and all over metro Detroit area.

When: Our schedule is always changing. Upon submitting your information, if you meet our criteria for the event we will get into contact with you for further information.

Why: In order to hone our skills and continue being the best at what we do, it’s important for us to have models to work with to demonstrate current and upcoming trends. Our staff attends many technique training classes and we need people from all backgrounds to showcase our work.

How: Fill out the application below to be considered for modeling opportunities.

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Disclaimer: Anyone chosen to participate as a model for an event will be compensated in exchange of services. No monetary payment will be given for modeling unless specified otherwise.

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