Frequently Asked Questions

why go to the salon to have my hair coloured?

Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Eva Longoria are not using box colour! Don’t be roped into the marketing demise of this industry! It is only a trained professional that can give you the results that you want and desire! As professionals we pride ourselves in being highly educated in colour theory, and using the best colour line on the market! Only professionals can make sure that the product on your hair is going to keep your health and hair integrity in mind. We can create a colour that is specific to your skin type, eye colour, and lifestyle.

can i have my hair coloured when i am pregnant?

At Alex Emilio we carry products that are PPD free, the lowest ammoiniated colour line on the market, as well as gluten free, and a vegan based colour line. These factors insure that your colour experience has not only you in mind, but your health as well. When it comes to pregnancy we encourage you to take this information and share it with your doctor, only a medical professional can give you the advice that is right for you and your baby.

what are “diverted products”?

Diversion is an on going issue in the salon industry. Walgreens, Target, even Kroger all have a shelf or two of your favorite products that you can purchase in the salon. Now it might seem like you are getting it cheaper, but you are fooled. Professional hair care companies are constantly are formulating and re-packaging products to keep new and current. The new products are retailed through the salon, while the old products literally get sold out the back door. It is the old products that you see in the drug and grocery stores, and they are sold by a third party with no ties to the beauty industry. Diversion costs our industry billions of dollars every year, and compromises billions of clients hair quality.

why should i buy salon products instead of drug store products?

At Alex Emilio we take our retail products very seriously! By offering you only the best in the professional industry, our retail products are guaranteed to keep the integrity of you hair and hair colour. We care about our clients needs and take pride in our education in our retail products. Every Alex Emilio stylist is educated in great depth to the ingredients, and technology behind every hair care line we carry at the salon. It’s this education that helps us choose the right product for every specific hair need. Drug store hair care lacks the technology and luxury ingredients! The pharmacists might be able to help you with cold medicine, but when it comes to your hair, we have the number one prescription!

how often should i wash my hair?

The age old question! Is washing my hair everyday bad? Well depending on your hair type and how much of it is professionally coloured….YES! Technology has reached a level that far surpasses anything we have had before! Hair Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with the chemically dependant client in mind, making it more conditioning and hydrating for every hair type. This technology helps you skip a wash or two between blowouts, keeping your hair cleaner longer, and colour from fading. Over washing can strip the hair strand of colour and eventually start to add deposit of soap scum on the hair…. that’s for all you Garnier Fructise users! Still a little worried about feeling “oily”, try some of our Catwalk Dry Shampoo, or Finley Powder! Both products can absorb oil and add texture to your hair, perfect for that “On the go” client!

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